Shareholder Information

Significant Shareholders

As at 8 November 2018 Shares in issue: 105,599,120. There are no restrictions on the transfer of Sutton Harbour Holdings plc AIM securities. Other than AIM, the company’s shares are not admitted to or traded on any other exchanges or trading platforms. The Company’s register of shareholdings as at 2 March 2018 showed the following interests in 3% or more of the Company’s share capital:

Major Shareholder information

Name Amount % Holding
FB Investors LLP 76,715,994 72.65
Crystal Amber Fund Limited 9,769,813 9.259
Mr D.McCauley/Rotolok (Holdings) Limited 6,028,760 5.71

Directors Interests

The interests of the Directors in the ordinary shares of the Company as at 28 September 2018 are set out below.

Name Amount % Holding
Graham S. Miller 31,968 0.03
Natasha C. Gadsdon 22,623 0.02
Sean J. Swales 2,914 0.003
Philip H. Beinhaker 0 0

AGM Documents

File Date
AGM Proxy Form 2018
Notice of AGM 2018
AGM Meeting Statement 2017
AGM Proxy Form 2017
Notice of AGM 2017
Results of AGM 2016
Notice of AGM 2016
AGM Proxy Form 2016
Results of AGM 2015