Our Vision

The Vision for Sutton Harbour

Sutton Harbour is the birthplace of modern Plymouth and centuries of maritime history shaped the city’s oldest quarter, which is fast evolving into one of the finest waterfront destinations in the UK.

At the heart of that transformation is Sutton Harbour Holdings plc. The company’s ethos hasn’t changed in more than a century and half of trading, with the goal still to continuously improve Plymouth’s prime waterfront for the benefit of all.

The group’s Vision for Sutton Harbour to unlock the full potential of the waterfront quarter and to deliver sustainable change can be read here

The Vision for the former Plymouth City Airport site

Sutton Harbour Holdings plc continues to work towards options to maximise value from the 113 acre site of the former Plymouth City Airport, which closed in 2011 after suffering unsustainable losses.

The company is developing a masterplan for the area to show potential alternative uses for the site, to find out more see our regeneration page.