Our Approach

our approch

our approach

Our approach to how we manage our corporate, environmental and social impact is synonymous with how we deliver our business objectives and drive shareholder value.

How do we achieve this?


  • Our community: Engagement is key. Throughout our ambitious, exciting, regeneration work to re-shape Sutton Harbour we have taken a consultative approach with the public. We view ourselves as the custodian of Sutton Harbour for future generations and as such we believe that working with the local community is essential to achieving this aspiration
  • Our environment: Our "Green Team" is at the heart of ensuring that we minimise our impact on the environment, from managing environmental risks to designing buildings with the view to conserving natural resources
  • Our safety: The safety our staff and stakeholders is core to our approach throughout our businesses with high standards expected and achieved
  • Our staff: We focus on recruiting and retaining the best people to deliver our objectives. We have pride in what we do, quality in what we do and fairness in everything we do

our approach



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We pride ourselves on the quality and location of our property estate.   5 Gold Anchor Sutton Harbour Marina is located in the heart of the historic Sutton Harbour.   Found at the heart of Plymouth's Coastal Quarter in Millbay.   2011 has been another record year with landings of fish, crabs and scallops.   Sutton Harbour in Plymouth is already one if the UK’s most attractive waterfront destinations.  
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