Our Approach

We are a landlord who prides itself on the quality and location of the property estate and aims to provide space to occupiers who will flourish from being in the locations we have.  

We like to work with our tenants, from our first meeting to completion of the lease and throughout the term of the tenancy.  

We offer a wide range of property and aim to cater for a high number of uses which complement each other withing a very attractive location.

our approach



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We pride ourselves on the quality and location of our property estate.   5 Gold Anchor Sutton Harbour Marina is located in the heart of the historic Sutton Harbour.   Found at the heart of Plymouth's Coastal Quarter in Millbay.   2011 has been another record year with landings of fish, crabs and scallops.   Sutton Harbour in Plymouth is already one if the UK’s most attractive waterfront destinations.  
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